A Bit About Us

St. Nicholas is an Old Catholic mission parish with a bigger vision. We are a home church, with several affiliate groups across the country. Beginning in February 2021 we will be hosting bible studies and weekly masses led by our pastor, Bishop Callahan.

We are a fully Catholic Church, practicing all the traditional sacraments and using a modern, Western Catholic Liturgy. Learn more about us by following the links below.


Books by Bishop Callahan

Deathly Silence Cover1.jpg

Deathly Silence

Are you experiencing an Authentic Faith? Recognizing the near constant challenges that are facing the Church, when it comes to moral teachings, Michael Callahan is on a mission, proclaiming the Good News. In this, the second volume of his “Authentic Faith” series, Michael confronts the “Deathly Silence” of the Modern Church.

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Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation and Contemplative Prayer: 

Taking the admonition in 1 Thessalonians 5 to "pray without ceasing" as inspiration, the author takes us on a "pilgrim's journey." The focus here is on deepening our personal faith in our busy and often faithless world, through Christian, contemplative prayer.


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