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I’ve been put in the social media gulag more times than I care to remember — simply for standing for what I believe. Both conservative political and religious views are being persecuted these days. No. I am not afraid of those who tell me what I should or shouldn’t post on my page, or tell me what I must believe and think. I‘m not ashamed!

Though I’m not proud of the current state of our nation, I love America, her history, her progress and her bravery. In the face of fierce opposition, destruction, hatred and lawless insanity, I am proud to be a conservative pro-life Christian who voted for President Trump a second time.

Please join me in praying in defense of our nation! It is shameful that others are willing to watch this nation go up in flames in order to force through their nefarious agendas. Such destruction is evil, and I cannot and will not ever support such acts.

  • Rev. Fr. Kevin and Dcn. Kim Fletcher
    Bishop Michael


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