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Bishop Robert Barron is sounding more and more like a new-age Protestant by the day.

“Christianity is not a set of ideas or convictions or principles. It is a relationship with a person. Do you love Jesus? Has he become your friend?”

This is the same Bishop that teaches that we have a “reasonable hope that hell will be empty.” In His mindset the biblical admonitions to “do the will of the Father,” and to “flee from sin” are apparently no big deal.

Yes, of course, Christians have a “relationship” with a “person.” However, that Person is God, and has presented us with things we MUST DO to be SAVED.

Those who do not put aside the lusts of the flesh, the pride of life, picking up their own CROSS, and follow Jesus, are in mortal peril.

Rev. Fr. Kevin and Dcn. Kim Fletcher
Bishop Michael


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