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Frequently Asked Questions

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Apostolic Succession

Apostolic succession is the method whereby the ministry of the Christian Church is held to be derived from the apostles by a continuous succession, which has usually been associated with a claim that the succession is through a series of bishops.


Sacramental Ministry

We Practice and Celebrate the Seven Sacraments of the Historic Catholic Church. They are an important aspect of our practice of  faith, the primary of which is the Holy Eucharist, where we celebrate the Real Presence of our Lord, Jesus.

Catholic as well as Eastern Orthodox Churches all recognizes the seven sacraments of:

  1. Baptism,

  2. Confirmation,

  3. Holy Eucharist,

  4. Penance,

  5. the Anointing of the Sick,

  6. Holy Orders, and

  7. Matrimony.


The three sacraments of Christian Initiation are:

  1. Baptism,

  2. Confirmation, and

  3. Eucharist.


The two sacraments of Healing are:

  1. Penance and the

  2. Anointing of the Sick,

The two sacraments of Vocation are:

  1. Holy Orders and

  2. Marriage.

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