Are You Ready?

How to prep the world for a Marxist takeover:

  1. Create a worldwide crisis.

  2. Tell 90% of the public that they’re non-essential workers,

  3. Convince everyone to stay home to save lives,

  4. Give everyone token checks regularly making them appreciate the benevolence of totalitarian rule.

Make no mistake about it, for more than a year now we’ve been being manipulated to accept a “Great Reset” based upon Marxist ideals. My sisters and brothers, there is nothing redemptive to be found in any form of Marxist ideology. At their core, they are immoral and Anti-Christ.

My friends, it’s time to put aside any liberal, WOKE notions you may have and wake up to the fact that we’ve been artfully played by billionaires, trillion dollar corporations, and Marxist politicians. They don’t care about your health or wellbeing, plus they despise your liberties and freedoms. Most importantly, the radicals currently in charge of our government also despise our Christian faith.