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Are You Ready?

How to prep the world for a Marxist takeover:

  1. Create a worldwide crisis.

  2. Tell 90% of the public that they’re non-essential workers,

  3. Convince everyone to stay home to save lives,

  4. Give everyone token checks regularly making them appreciate the benevolence of totalitarian rule.

Make no mistake about it, for more than a year now we’ve been being manipulated to accept a “Great Reset” based upon Marxist ideals. My sisters and brothers, there is nothing redemptive to be found in any form of Marxist ideology. At their core, they are immoral and Anti-Christ.

My friends, it’s time to put aside any liberal, WOKE notions you may have and wake up to the fact that we’ve been artfully played by billionaires, trillion dollar corporations, and Marxist politicians. They don’t care about your health or wellbeing, plus they despise your liberties and freedoms. Most importantly, the radicals currently in charge of our government also despise our Christian faith.

Folks, let me be overtly transparent — our Government is prepping us for something evil. Their “stimulus“ checks are little more than tokens geting the public reliant on benevolent totalitarian rule. Until our constitution is formally disbanded, We have a moral and legal right and obligation to take a stand against these lies and manipulation and tyranny.

Above all else, we must be reading the spiritual signs of the times. We are in a period of time where morality, worldwide, is at it’s lowest since the time of Noah. Virtually everything that was once considered sinful is now acceptable by our WOKE culture. Now, more than ever it is imperative that we, the people of God prepare ourselves for the final judgment. We must diligently remain in a state of grace. We must recognize that we are sinners, saved by grace. We must not take our salvation for granted. When we fall short, and we all do, we must seek forgiveness and reconciliation from our Lord with a contrite heart. Additionally, it is important that we become frequent participants in the sacraments, renewing and reviving our faith.

Friends, I find it abundantly important that we all achieve an “Authentic Faith.(an eBook available on amazon)” That sort of faith is grounded in knowledge of historic TRUTH, eschewing the PC wisdom of the age. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding a church, or pastor that teaches the unvarnished truth. The spiritual truths handed down to us from antiquity are immutable and unchanging, they are Holy and inviolate. In these teachings we find the only way to eternity in Christ, Jesus.

Finally, my friends, an Authentic Faith requires that we become a people of frequent prayer. Aren’t we admonished in scripture to “pray without ceasing”? No. It is not unceasing or repetitive prayer that will save you! However, in doing such, prayer will become your love language with God. Developing a prayer life that continues day in and day out, even during the most difficult times, will strengthen you for the crosses we’ll all have to bear in the future.

Our Christian faith doesn’t promise easy going, health, and riches. We don’t place our faith in politics, science, or big pharma. No, our faith is in Christ alone. My prayer is that you’ll do all you can, in Jesus Name, to finish the race called life — well. In doing so, you’ll make it to the Holy throne room, kneel before your savior and hear “well done my food and faithful servant.”


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