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Are You Woke Yet?

Are you a “WOKE” Christian, or Christian minister? If you are, then it’s about time you WAKEUP to the TRUTH about the anti-White hatred and bigotry that is currently fomenting in our nation. The TRUTH is that this current cancel-culture and anti-White bigotry is fueled by one thing GREED. And it is being inspired by Alinsky-style, Marxist/Communist agitators, set on redistributing the wealth in this country.

As White people are still the majority race, they own most of the wealth and property in this country and the communist provocateurs want it for themselves.

Therefore, White people are being called every name in the book, accused of every historical sin and outrage, and cast always in the worst possible light. It doesn’t even matter if a person is actually guilty of something, it’s becoming “guilt by skin color association.” The strategy is to put together a coalition of WOKE non-Whites to take by force what does not belong to them.

The Bible says, "Thou shalt not covet” anything that is thy “neighbor's." I feel bad for so-called woke folks, especially clergy who ignore this commandment and do not know that they are being used for nefarious purposes.

The unifying message of the Gospel is that we are to become a people focused upon LOVE. We are are called to Love God and neighbor as ourselves. Very few things cause me as much consternation as when I come across churches that are formed around celebrating national or racial origins. The Church wasn’t created for one race or color of people. The Church of Christ is the original “melting pot,” inculcating people from every nation on earth.

May the peace of Christ be with each of you...


P.S. This post was inspired by a facebook friend, Michael Hinton. Thanks my friend!

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