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Build Back Better

Doesn’t it sound nice to have a goal to Build Back Better, to work towards a better nation, and even a more egalitarian world? Before you answer that, please take a moment to research a few things:

  • the Great Reset, and

  • The World Economic Forum

Did you know that CINO Joe’s campaign slogan “Build Back Better” was actually plagiarized from the “World Economic Forum” and their agenda for the “Great Reset”? It’s true. Politicians around the world such as CINO Joe, and California’s Governor, have been utilizing this PLANDemic as a smoke screen to implement radical socialist and environmental changes. Gavin Newsom stated this succinctly last year, stating that “This is an opportunity to implement our progressive agenda.“

I don’t know about you, but it is past time for US to take back our lives and forcefully push back. I complied for a season, but not any longer. Millions of Americans have taken the V.A.X., but after more than a year, there is still talks about increasing totalitarian restrictions and requirements.

I’ve had enough. I encourage all who read my posts to DEFY THE LIE. To my parishes, priests and pastors, may I remind you that M.A.S.K.S., no matter how they are emblazoned, are not approved or appropriate liturgical garb.

We have been systematically lied to and manipulated for over a year. We MUST reclaim our freedoms and liberties. In a nation that has as a core belief that the government shall NOT make any laws restricting our religious practices, we have endured more restrictions than we can abide.

At this time our borders are basically open while many states and municipalities remain restricted. Where is the logic? What is the science they’re utilizing. NO, my friends, they’re not using scientific methodology at all. This is all about totalitarian, and anti-Christ controls.

We MUST, as a nation become the resistance. Otherwise, our once great country will continue to devolve into some sort of Marxist regime that despises every single freedom enumerated in our Constitution — including freedom of religion.



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