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Cafeteria Catholic or CINO?

Why is it that so many so-called Catholics don’t seem to have a clue what “Authentic” Christianity truly is? Also, why does there seem to be such a “Deathly Silence” in Churches today when it comes to the subject of sin?

Why is it that millions of professing Catholics, including many priests and even bishops, are relying on worldly wisdom?

Most, it seems, would rather believe the news or their friends, than the truths handed down in holy scripture and ancient traditions of the Church?

As a deacon friend of mine recently posted, “Only a brain surgeon can help a friend with brain surgery, similar with a heart, a heart surgeon. Equally, we would not ask a heart surgeon to build us a house?!”

It's interesting on how many of us seek "spiritual catholic" guidance from "friends" or others who haven’t a clue regarding spiritual truths.

Over the last few decades, there have been increasing numbers of Catholics that are challenging and even outright denying historic teachings. It’s not really surprising. Scripture tell is that in the end-times people will prefer the lie over the truth. The Bible also suggests at that time, folks will pay more attention to teachers that tickle their ears and massage their pride.

The moral core of our day is far away from the historic truth. Some call those liberals who embrace modern morality “Cafeteria Catholics.” I call them Catholics in Name Only (CINOs).

The bottom line is that, if you don’t believe the core beliefs of the Historic Catholic Church, you’re simply not a Catholic Christian, you’re something else entirely. At St. Nicholas OCC we define our core articles of faith as being developed and derived from the ancient Church — in the 1st thousand years, prior to the Great Schism.

The modern Democrat party, in embracing radical Marxist ideologies, abortion, and the cornucopia of PC moral issues is the antithesis of what Catholics should be identifying with. Those that are following these folks are deceived and far from Christ and His Church. So-called Catholic politicians such as our current president and House Speker, aren’t simply picking and choosing what articles of faith they believe, like an optional cafeteria selection. By their actions, they have removed themselves from the Body of Christ, and have become Catholics, in name only.

Woe unto them who would rather believe the lie, for unless they repent of their wickedness, they too will perish along with Satan and his minions. There is only one way to eternal life my friends, and it won’t be found by following worldly wisdom, but in Christ alone, and doing the will of the Father.

Too many clergy seem to have fallen for the lie themselves, refusing to speak out, maintaining a Deathly Silence. My friends, if your pastor, priest, or bishop isn’t speaking out against the dangers of sin and modernism, it’s time to find another place to worship.



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