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Deathly Silence

What's The Deal With Sin In Our Age?

Why am I so verbose when it comes to politics? Shouldn't bishops and other Church leaders simply shut their pie holes concerning these issues? After all, as some insist; "Politics has nothing to do with the salvation of souls." But is that really true? My response is; that is patently false. Dangerously Untrue. I find this to be such an urgent issue that I wrote a book focusing on the subject a while back -- "Deathly Silence; What's the Deal With Sin In Our Age."

Our salvation revolves around a right view of God and his moral imperatives. Time and again we read in scripture that God "HATES SIN." With God being so emphatic on the subject, and with multiple examples of Him punishing folks who persisted in sin, Wouldn't it be prudent to understand just what sin is? Modern culture more often than not denies the existence of sin, and modern Churches minimize and redefine it to being simply a lack of love. In denying and minimizing sin in our age, the majority of people seem to be on the wide road to destruction.

It is imperative that Christian leaders maintain a vigilant contra-voice to the evil agenda rampant in our age. Souls are physically and spiritually imperiled by the moral decline we have been experiencing over the past few decades. Many think that the only physical danger I'm referring to in speaking about moral issues would be the loss of countless innocent lives due to the legalization of abortion. However, believing the lie, an innumerable amount of women suffer physically as well as psychological trauma, post-abortion. What about the trauma of people who believe the lie that somehow, if they mutilate their God-given sexual organs so that they appear to be the opposite sex, that somehow the internal psychological strife they are experiencing will subside. The sad truth is that for many if not most going through transition procedures, the emotional pain and confusion doesn't dissipate. In our day, scientific facts don't matter as much as individual feelings.

Because religious leaders maintained their silence, millions of Jews were murdered during World War Two. Untold millions of people have been butchered by communist and socialist totalitarian regimes, simply for having the audacity to speak out against evil. Now, in our day, the president of the United States gives Communist China a pass regarding its murder and rape of ethnic Uyghur Muslims, as simply cultural differences. Where is the uproar among church leaders over this? Are you awake yet? Or, are you simply woke to the PC, mainstream message? Don't say this couldn't happen here. We're witnessing many things happening that our parents and grandparents wouldn't have believed could occur here in this country.

My sisters and brothers, what we are witnessing in our current state of Cancel Culture wars is little more than the advancement and forced imposition of Marxist and Communist philosophy. Their agenda from the beginning is to incite division and hate in society. As a result, their goal is to tear down virtually every historic institution, rebuilding or discarding it as they see fit. As we've seen time and again, anyone who disagrees is steamrolled into irrelevance. As Saul Alinsky taught, manufacturing an enemy is imperative to their cultural revolution. For them, truth and facts don't matter. We see that amplified in anti-white, anti-police, and anti-Christian attacks continually, where the radical mob makes up their own facts, preaching them with venom as if they were the truth.

Christianity, especially those churches that maintain adherence to traditional moral values is high on the hit list. Christian Author and Evangelical Pastor Max Lucado recently came under fire after he spoke at the Washington National Cathedral. However, the firestorm that hit him had nothing to do with what he had to say that day, but, rather for being critical of the LGBTQ lifestyle seventeen years ago.

My friends, they're gunning for anyone with a contrary opinion. I cannot count the number of reports that I've heard or read of politicians and news talking heads claiming that conservatives, especially Trump supporters need to be rounded up and put into "re-education camps."

What will you do when they come for you, bringing up something you said a decade or more ago. When push comes to shove, will you stand by your faith Christian and moral convictions, or will you, like St. Peter deny that you know Jesus at all?

NO. This thing we call faith isn't easy. In fact, it is set to get even messier, and more challenging. Soon, and very soon, it is going to be illegal to speak in support of traditional Christian moral values. Speaking the TRUTH, even with a spirit of love and compassion is going to be considered HATE Speech. In some countries, it already is illegal to speak out against the Politically Correct agenda.

One reason that we're in our present predicament is that for far too long the Church has remained silent. The thought was that we don't have any business being in the political arena. Or, if we simply just focus on our own, we'll be left alone.

Yes, I agree that we must present our message in love, and not become actually hateful in our presentation of the facts. However, as I mentioned above, facts don't matter to these culture warriors. Simply disagreeing with them is all the evidence they need -- in their minds of your so-called hate, systemic racism, and bigotry. No, don't bother denying it, that only cements your guilt in their demented mindset.

All the evidence from my observations indicates that we are living in a time where the wisdom of this age is holding more sway and influence than the Word of God. It is my belief that God has indeed hardened the hearts of modern society to believe the lies over the truth. Is this the final age? It seems that every generation has its issues. However, this generation seems to have slipped beyond the point of no return, at least without divine, miraculous intervention. Yes, the Church must continue speaking out in the midst of this confusion, lest more believers slip and become "People of the Lie." At this point, the primary reason to continue speaking out is to reinforce the faith of believers in the Church. Yes, in doing this at least the faithful will be strengthened and quite possibly a few will be touched by God's grace and turn from their sins.

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