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Divorce and Remarriage

Many folks who hear that we’re an Old Catholic jurisdiction, assume we are a liberal church or that our liturgies must be in Latin. Many also believe that because we're not in communion with Rome that we "hate" the pope. These stereotypes are woefully inaccurate. Though the founding ideals of The Union of Utrecht have indeed been corrupted by liberal churches, St. Nicholas OCC remains faithful to Catholic Orthodoxy.

We are sort of an enigma in our day because we don’t easily fit into the neat and tidy box of public opinion. Traditional Catholics are indoctrinated to believe that Rome is the one, true Church. This belief is so strong, that even when life situations beyond our control separate folks from that Church, they feel that they have no place to go. This happens most regularly in the arena of divorce, where an adulterous or otherwise spiritually unfaithful spouse leaves the other in a divorce. When the innocent party wishes to remarry they become separated from the sacramental life of the Church — with seemingly nowhere to turn. Another scenario is when Permanent Deacons who are married, and despite their best and prayerful intentions, their spouses divorce them, these men are forced out of their ministries. What about the “permanence” and even “indelible” mark of their sacramental ordination?

There are a great many reasons that otherwise faithful Roman Catholics seek out Old Catholic Churches. Divorce and remarriage are simply one.

No. We find nothing good in divorce. Divorce is a travesty that tears apart individuals and families. We do believe that God despises divorce and that as such, it is sinful. But, is it always sinful for both parties? Where else in scripture does it tell us that we are sinning due to the acts or actions of another? Or, where are we admonished that any sin, other than blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is unforgivable?

Yes, we here at St. Nicholas OCC believe that folks may be reconciled with word and sacrament after the trauma of divorce and remarriage. We believe that this is true for ALL. For All have sinned and fallen short of God’s ideals. We serve a loving and compassionate God. He is willing and able to forgive all who seek him with a contrite heart, seeking to transform themselves from death into life.

We are a numerically insignificant Catholic Jurisdiction. We are not necessarily for everyone. Our vision of church revolves around ancient Catholic orthodoxy -- the consistent teachings handed down from the earliest believers and followers of our Lord. As such we consider ourselves to be conservative in our practice of faith. We reject modernism and the politically correct doctrine that is infesting a majority of churches claiming the name of Christ.

Using the mantra of modernist churches, we do believe that “All are Welcome” in our church, saint and sinner alike. However, our polemic, or teachings, will not affirm as normal, acts traditionally deemed sinful. We are not a country club for saints. Our mission is to become a hospital for sinners seeking an Authentic Faith.



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