Do You Understand the “Triumphal Entry”?

Why is a High View of the Genesis Creation Important?

Homily for Palm Sunday, 2021

If you don’t understand the book of Genesis, how will you hope to understand the Triumphal Entry, or the mysteries of Holy Week? Without a HIGH regard of the collection of books we call the BIBLE, all you have are cleverly crafted stories — with little authority over our lives.

Today we find ourselves on the precipice of Holy Week. In our readings we’ve just encountered the “Triumphal Entry” of Christ into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the betrayal of Jesus, and much more...

The folks who greeted Jesus on that Sunday, over two-thousand years ago, didn’t really understand who he was. Many, if not most were expecting the promised Messiah to ride into Jerusalem on a white horse, emblematic of a conquering monarch, indicating that He was going to free them from Roman domination and oppression. Instead, Jesus rides into town on a donkey. Amidst their shouts of “HOSANNA,” excitement, and joy, they missed the subtle symbolism. Yes, the symbolism would indeed have been of royalty, but also of a benevolent ruler, coming into town, saying do not be afraid.

Yes, today, in hindsight, some look back understanding the true meaning. However, for most the message Palm Sunday, and indeed that of the Cross and Resurrection gets diluted and even lost on deaf ears, more intent on their own situations, fears and worldly wisdom. All they are hearing are cute stories.

What does all this mean to you?

Do you find these stories to be at all credible?