Fishes and Loaves

Gospel Reflection for Saturday, February 13th, 2021 -- Mark 8:1-10

What's your opinion or view of the bible and the stories it contains? Do you believe that it is simply writings of men, or do you have a higher regard for these texts?

I happen to have a fairly high esteem of scripture. Unless a story is presented as metaphorical, a parable, or some other figurative literary style, I tend to take it pretty much at face value. The Gospel writer today presents that a massive group of people were fed from a few fish and loaves of bread. Shouldn't that shouldn't count as miraculous in most people's understanding? However, Modern Scholarship, with their Cultural, and Textual Criticisms and other methodology are continually doing what they can to minimize the supernatural element of scripture. Some suggest that rather than being truly miraculous, it was simply a miracle of sharing resources.

The miracle of the loaves and fishes is an important element in the Ministry of Christ because it draws a parallel to God feeding the Jews Manna in the desert during their "exodus" from Egypt. It was a sign of both his power and even divinity.

When you remove the reality of the miraculous elements in scripture, from healing, driving out evil spirits, and even the inspiration of scripture itself, you relegate these writings to the mundane, or normal. Without the spiritual or supernatural element, scripture loses its power, meaning, and importance. It becomes merely the writings of men.

Believing that the bible is without God's divine imprimatur is what's driving the moral downfall in our world today. If you think that the bible was simply written by some culturally biased men, out of touch with our modern, advanced cultural norms, then the book simply has no moral authority -- at all. Is it any wonder that operating from this mindset, that modern, so-called, Christian Churches, are following the lead of culture, rather than the consistent teachings handed down to us over the past two millennia?

The days we are living in can literally be compared to a spiritual desert, where even the concept of God is minimized and oftentimes even ridiculed. Where will you find your