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Has Rome Fallen?

As if worshiping the pagan deity Pachamama in Rome wasn’t bad enough, Rome appears to be falling deeper into the pit.

I‘m writing this post with prayerful intent, not out of spite. For decades it has been common knowledge that they (Rome) have an extreme shortage of priests, especially here in the USA. In more recent times, under Pope Francis, they care more about ecology and embracing universalism, than Word, Sacrament, and evangelism. They seem to be non-essential parts of Catholic life, at least from the attitudes and actions of their magisterium.

Roman bishops have proven their attitude over the past year (+) by shuttering their churches and refusing to administer the sacraments. Now they’ve embraced the lie so fully that they’re telling ministers, lay and ordained alike that it is their “moral responsibility” to take experimental drugs — even if it’s contrary to their own moral conviction, or otherwise unable to comply. Those who refuse are removed from ministry.

My sisters and brothers, Bishops, Priests, and Deacons have an overarching responsibility to FEED GOD’s SHEEP. Our allegiance is to God alone, not politics, or some other outside agenda. We are to “trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding,” or that of partisan pseudoscience. Over and over, we read in scripture to “FEAR NOT.” Rather than trusting in the Lord, the Roman Magisterium, appears to have succumbed to the fear-mongering of this evil age.

Why do I ask if “Rome has fallen,” it’s because their ungodly acquiescence to an external agenda seems to outweigh their responsibility to do what God commissioned his Church to do. That Malays is universal inside that jurisdiction, not merely here in the USA.

This writing brings me no joy. It was prompted by two friends who asked for my opinion, one, a lay minister, and the other a Deacon. Both were sad and perplexed by the choice they were being forced to make — be faithful to their bishop, or to their conscience. Several other friends have sent me articles about the sad state of escalating abuse of authority, and lack of pastoral support in the midst of the PLANdemic.

Yes, my friends, it an essential part of our church teachings to be faithful to our vows of obedience, however, we are not under compulsion to follow ungodly commands. Neither the USCCB, nor the Pope have spoken “infallibly” on this subject. No bishop can compel us to act contrary to our conscience.

we, as faithful followers of Jesus must become bold in our faith and take a stand for the spiritual injustice of our day. Even the Apostle Paul, confronted his brother in the Lord, Peter when the saintly apostle was in error. we must confront those in spiritual authority who are abandoning their sheep in the midst of desperate times.

Word and sacrament are fundamental to our Catholic faith. Locking church doors and forbidding sacramental services should be abhorrent to every baptized Catholic. The same outrage needs to be proclaimed to those prelates demanding that otherwise faithful laity and clergy be vaccinated with an experimental protocol, or loose their faculties to minister. As Fr. Altman so boldly said, “The shepherds who locked the people out of the churches and denied access to the sacraments have disrespected their office more than we possibly could. Again, we are not the ones disrespecting the office. They are, and we need not sit idly by while they do."

I ask each of you to join me in prayer for bishops in the Church of Rome. I pray that more Priests will have the courage of Fr. Altman an stand up to negligent and bullying bishops. Pray without ceasing and then pray some more.


P.S. No, I am not the RC “Bishop Callahan” in La Crosse Wisconsin

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