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Have You Chosen Secularism?

Are you a “Secularist”? Do you spend more time contemplating, or thinking about things of the world than regarding the Kingdom of God?

Yes, today is May 4th, and multitudes who are engrossed with secular entertainment, will today make references to “May the 4th be with you.” There’s nothing essentially wrong with that. Fun and entertaining diversions often lightens our mental load. But, those can also be distracting and contribute to keeping our focus off holier pursuits.

There is nothing redeeming to be found in the Star Wars franchise of movies or other secular entertainment. Likewise, there is nothing at all in the secular world which will bring us into saving grace with Christ.

Christians in our day MUST put more effort into avoiding the influences of our secular culture, which are increasingly embracing immoral, Politically Correct content. We MUST return to the Lord while he is still near.

My continual admonition is and always will be; “ The Lord be with you.” God’s is the ultimate force in the universe, and Jesus is the only name by which we will be “saved.”

My prayer today is to have you remembering the words of Jesus, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you.”

Secularism will have you sending good thoughts rather than prayers. It will convince you that saying “Happy Holidays” is the compassionate seasonal greeting rather than Merry Christmas. Additionally, other secularists will have you keep quiet about your faith in the public forum, lest you offend someone.

I’m curious, just how does a person go about “sending good thoughts”? Is it done by special delivery? Can just anyone do it, or do you need special training? If you don’t believe in God, or the power of prayer, how is it you believe your thoughts have energy?

Actually such things have their roots in the occult and Eastern Mysticism. Catholics should be wary about embracing such language and ideologies.

I’m interested in your prayerful intentions, not your good thoughts.

My sisters and brothers, Christians are called to separate ourselves from the secular world, to shine our light of faith from the mountain tops. We are to be both salt and light. In this metaphor, salt is both a preservative and an irritant, and light is utilized to dispel the darkness from worldly wisdom.

In a very real sense, we cannot be both secular and Christ-minded. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

It’s time to make a choice my friends, whom will you follow...


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