Negotiating With Christ

Gospel Reflection for Thursday, February 11th, 2021 -- Mark 7:24-30

What's your prayer life like? Be honest with yourself for a moment?

Do you find that more often than not you only pray in cases of "EMERGENCY"?

I'm not trying to put a guilt trip on anyone out there, this is actually pretty common. There was a time in my own life that I treated Prayer as sort of a "life Preserver." Prayer was something that I only did as a last resort when everything else had fizzled out and failed. Today, actually, I'm striving to put prayer as my first recourse, rather than my option of last recourse.

The last location we read mentioned that Jesus had visited was Gennesaret where he and his disciples had moored to the shore after the wind storm on the Sea of Galilee. In our passage today, we find Jesus in the northern region of Tyre up near the Mediterranean Sea. From Capernaum to Gennesaret would have been about 3 miles. From Gennersaret to Tyre would have been about 35 miles. Putting this in perspective, it would have been like us walking from here in Avondale all the way up to Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Depending on your route, it would take between 11-12 hours to walk the distance. Quite a day’s hike for us but all in a day’s journey for our Lord and his disciples. They didn’t enjoy the benefit of modern transportation methods that we have today, which turns this day-long hike into a 45-minute drive.