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Pray to Stop the Hate

So many Christians are in need of a personal revival - a radical transformation of heart. How do you respond to things in the world that are contrary to biblical morality? If your response is any less than love and compassion -- Houston, you've got a problem!

Looking back on the “Orlando tragedy” one so-called Christian pastor said some pretty despicable things regarding the mass shooting victims. You may or may not have heard the reports. I am not going to honor his words by repeating them here.

The bottom line for this Catholic Christian minister is to present the truth of Jesus Christ, which is in stark contrast to the vilification and hate that was reportedly put forth from that above mentioned pulpit.

Nowhere in the New Testament do we find that we are to hate unbelievers or wish them harm. Likewise, we are not supposed to embrace the lies and sins of the world, but Christian propriety encourages us to pray for the lost.

If you have hate in your heart, I encourage you to pray for a heart of love and compassion. Hate and vitriol are not effective evangelical tools. Our brothers and sisters in the world will never respond to anything but the grace of God -- which, I guarantee becomes limited when coming from the witness of a hate-filled Christian.

Lord, God, as I seek to grow closer to you, I pray that your love and compassion will always be the witness that I present to the world. Let my one goal and passion become seeking to do your will and present myself wholly pleasing in your sight. In your most holy name, Amen.

#ILoveAllPeople #StopTheHate #GodIsLove #PrayWithoutCeasing

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