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Reprobate Priests, Bishops, and Churches

Greetings, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. +++

Is your priest, bishop, or church doing the difficult job of standing up to modernism? Or, are they preaching a feel-good message which resonates more closely with today’s politically correct culture? Those teaching a modern, politically correct message, are actually “anti-Christ” and under a “strong delusion.”

My sisters and brothers, we are truly in the end times. Whether we’re reading the signs of the times and observing the great moral decline taking hold of our world, or being acutely aware of our own life span limitations, we each have less time than when we first began our journeys. This makes our own life choices even more prescient and critical.

Does your life reflect an authentic commitment to Jesus, the Christ? Are you truly seeking to do the will of the Father? Or, are you being deceived by the father of lies, embodied in modern theological scholasticism? This my friends is the teaching of the New Age Church. Though they’re preaching in the “Name of God,” they are so far from the truth, that they have no spiritual authority.

No matter how much reprobate priests and bishops equivocate the fact, unrepentant sin separates us from God. Fr. James Martin and so many other new age clergy are actively aligning themselves with the father of lies — twisting scripture to justify a demonic sin nature. No, contrary to what Martin and others would have you believe, we don’t need to be building bridges for sinners to keep on sinning. We must be about teaching God’s moral code and encouraging folks to flee from sins that are literally keeping deceived folks on the fast track to destruction.

No the Church is neither a social club for saints, or a sanctuary for those seeking to remain in their sins. The Church of God needs to be a hospital for souls seeking healing. Healing of souls requires excising the infection not continuing in the activities that made us sick in the first place.

In seeking salvation in Christ Jesus, it is imperative that we first recognize that we are all sinners, turn from those sins and seek forgiveness with a contrite heart.

Remaining in a state of saving grace is not, as some say, a one-time thing. It is imperative that we also commit our lives to “doing the will of the Father.” Additionally, when we fall short (and we all do), we MUST again be willling to seek forgiveness and renew our efforts to avoid even the appearance of sin.

As followers of Jesus Christ we must flee from sin and the teachers of new age theology that are preaching a new morality, one that ignores biblical precepts as if they’re merely writings of men, bereft of holy authority.

When we approach the Eucharist, we are admonished to receive it in a “worthy” manner. This is precisely why confession and penance have traditionally held an important place in our sacramental faith. This is why many Catholic Jurisdictions practice a “closed” communion, restricting the Eucharist to baptized members. This is also why, at each and every liturgy, we go through a ritual “examination of conscience.”

As a church in the Old Catholic Tradition, our practice of faith often aligns more with our Orthodox brothers. In orthodoxy, they don’t generally equivocate which sins are greater than others. In orthodoxy all sins separate us form our Holy God and require repentance.

We here at Saint Nicholas OCC don’t equivocate, or differentiate between sin. We also don’t believe it is our duty, so-to-speak, to judge the content of a person’s character or state of Grace. However, with that stated, there are some sins that are public and open and made public knowledge by individual members. In these instances, pastors have an obligation to gently remind those individuals to abstain from receiving the Eucharist.

Do I need to go into details of what sins might be public? No, I’m not only referring to blatant public sinners such as politicians who actively promote abortion or other morally abhorrent acts. I pray that we’re all mature enough here that I don’t need to spell it all out.

There is a huge disconnect between the Churches who’re espousing modernism and those committed to orthodoxy. The evil one has artfully snaked it’s way into mainstream Christianity. The transition is so nearly complete that an outsider looking in would hardly know the difference. With his sweet sounding and deceptive lies, he is intent on keeping multitudes away from an “Authentic Faith.”

Modernist churches will tell you that “you don’t need to worry about saving the world, and just relax, that Jesus has already done that.” Many modern denominational churches down play the inspiration of scriptures and virtually everything miraculous or mystical about historic Christianity. The graphic here is emblematic of the feel-good deception of modernism. Such pablum ignores both the Great commission, and our responsibilities as Christians to be willing to pick up our own crosses of suffering for the sake of the Gospel. How is it following Jesus when he admonishes us to love both God and our neighbor as our selves, if we remain silent, in our own cocoon, rather than sharing the Good News.

In contrast, orthopraxy reads in the synoptic gospels that Jesus gave us a “Great Commission” to go out unto all the world preaching the gospel to everyone!

Even the Pope, the leader of the largest Catholic jurisdiction, has suggested that evangelism of those in other religions may actually be sinful.

My friends, we may be in the “End Times,” but that simply makes our evangelical efforts that much more important. It is time that you take the responsibility of insuring that your own salvation is well-grounded in both Authentic Faith, and historic understanding. Flee, my sisters and brothers from modernist pastors, and bishops or even a Pope, who insist on teaching a different gospel than we have received from antiquity. Each of us must have as a goal to “finish the race” we call life “well,” in a state of grace.

So, how do you spot these reprobate clergy and churches. It’s not always easy. You see they quite often use similar lingo as traditional churches, yet their meaning and intent are far afield.

Essentially, what we, confronted with it is an uber-liberal Christianity. They are, in modern parlance, progressive, by that, I don’t mean politically progressive, though the two views often go hand-in-hand. These Progressive, so-called Christians don’t necessarily view the Bible as God’s Word and base their theology on :

  • personal conscience or experience and

  • cultural norms.

But they still like to use a lot of the same words like inspired, so, well-meaning Christians like you and me are easily sucked into their progressive abyss. It’s a combination of agnostic beliefs with all the warm fuzzies of Christian-ish traditions, and far too many naive Christians are falling prey to it. Their messages sound sweet and loving, especially for those who’ve been sucked into a politically correct mindset.

So how do you spot reprobate preachers or those churches teaching a counterfeit Christianity? I recommend starting the same way that the FBI learns to spot counterfeit currency, that is by studying the real thing. In this endeavor, it is helpful to discover what the earliest Christians believed and practiced their faith. Unfortunately, in this effort, the Protestant teaching of “Sola Scriptura,” or relying on scripture alone, isn’t all that helpful. That’s because these demonically driven churches are quite adept at cherry-picking and twisting the biblical texts to fit their nefarious ends. The exorbitant number of Christian denominations these days, each of whom utilize the Bible as their primary texts, give witness to the futility of this particular sola.

Here at Saint Nicholas OCC, as well as other traditionally minded churches rely heavily on a threefold approach which includes a high regard for Holy Scripture, teachings of the early church, and the consistent orthopraxy or baseline teachings handed down consistently throughout the first thousand years of the undivided Church.

Jesus himself taught that many would come in His name, “thieves” and “robbers,” as well as “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” “seeking to “destroy.” These modern-day “men pleasers” are merely preaching messages intent on “tickling the ears” of many with politically correct words, or messages of sexual freedom, health, and prosperity. The lies of these evil ones will tell you that the evangelical message of the “Great Commission” isn’t for today, that all their god wants for us is to be happy or prosperous. Chastity and self-control are not in their lexicon,

Modernist churches may say otherwise, but they don’t really place any authority on our sacred texts. They’ve relegated scripture to being merely writings of men from a different era, who are disconnected from our current reality.

Here are a few tell tale, catch phrases of reprobate churches:

  • Hopeful Agnostic

  • Welcoming

  • Affirming

  • Inclusive

  • “God is still Speaking”

  • “Building Bridges”

My friends, yes, God is still speaking to His Church today. However, his message to us is to stand strong and do not be deceived. The hallmark of authentic messages from our Most High God is consistency. Our Lord us unchanging, and His words are immutable.

No where in scripture or tradition are we taught to “build bridges” to make sinners feel comfortable and keep on sinning. Neither are we to be “inclusive,” or “affirming” of things historically taught as sinful.

Yes my friends, we must indeed be a welcoming people. However, in the love of God, it is our responsibility as the people of God, to teach the unvarnished truth, lest we fall into our own trap of modernism.

There are so many ways in which the lies of modernism are needling their way into the new christian mainstream. Short of writing another book, I cannot go into all the details here. So, as the Apostle Paul tells in in his second letter to Timothy, in these end times, it is even more important that we “study” so that we may be “approved by God,” and unafraid at the final judgment. There is absolutely nothing salvific about heretical, modernist teachings. Their sole purpose is to lead unwary sheep away from the TRUE saving gospel of our Lord, Jesus, the Christ.

Scripture tells us that in the end times there will be a “strong delusion” active in the world, that many will be more attracted to the lie than the truth. Therefor it is becoming more imperative and indeed urgent that we “Be strong in the Lord” my friends, in the “power of His Might.” We as His true disciples, must “put on the whole armor of God,” preparing for the spiritual battle ahead of us.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, I have written two books on the subject. Links to them are at the bottom of each page on our website.

May the peace of our Lord and Savior grant you the peace of an Authentic Faith.

++Michael Callahan

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