Salvation, Not as Simple as Some Say!

++Michael Callahan

Presiding Archbishop, the Catholic Church in America

(Compiled and redacted from several sources)

Have you been saved?

This is among the most common question asked of Catholics by our well-meaning Protestant friends. For them, salvation is really quite simple; belief in Jesus, repent, say a prayer and you’re in. No-fuss, no muss, it’s a done deal, for life – nothing you can do will jeopardize your eternal status. But is it really that simple?

Scripture speaks of salvation in various tenses: a completed fact, a present reality, and a future hope. Which is it? As baptized Catholics, we can confidently say, “we have been saved.” In that we are striving to live a life faithful to the teachings of Christ and His apostles, we are “being saved.” Additionally, in finishing this life, doing all that we can to be faithful in doing the will of the Father, “we sill be saved.”

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