Signs and Wonders

Gospel Reflection for Monday, January 25th, 2021 -- Mk 16:15-18

There has been a great debate as to whether or not the miracles described at the end of Mark’s gospel are still active in the Church.

Those who created the daily lectionary that most Catholics use had a particular agenda. Much of their goals revolved around presenting cohesive teaching focusing on the Church calendar. However, in their particular focus, they oftentimes gloss over or leave out a few details. Such is the case today. Though today’s reading from the end of Mark’s Gospel in the lectionary actually begins in verse 14, the lectionary focus begins on the next verse, concluding with a listing of “Signs” that would accompany those who believe.

In Verse 14, we find Jesus actually criticizing the Apostles for their lack of faith. Is a lack of personal faith the reason why there is such a dearth of signs and wonders in today's Church? This is what we hear from the "Word of Faith Movement."

We must understand that the ascension of our Lord occurred prior to the Holy Spirit coming into the Church and empowering them for ministry service. There continues to be great division among Christians these days as to whether or not the Holy Spirit is still active in the Church, or whether the signs described in this reading were limited to the Apostolic Age.

Such questions are quite common, and have not abated, partially due to false teachings from the “Word of Faith Movement (WOF).” Listening to WOF movement preachers talk, an uninformed Christian might think they have been missing out on some great secret all their life.

In fact, many WOF beliefs bear more resemblance to the New Age bestseller The Secret than to the Bible. It's no stretch to substitute WOF's "positive confession" with The Secret's affirmations, or the Word of Faith idea that h