The Divine Liturgy

Celebration of the Divine Liturgy

Prepared and approved for all Sunday Liturgical Celebrations among the Member Jurisdictions Churches of the Catholic Church in America.

Edited and Redacted from the Modern Roman Rite and other Sources


Before our priests celebrate Mass, it is typical to pray a set of “vesting prayers” to spiritually prepare for Mass. While these prayers may no not be obligatory, “their use is recommended since they help in the priest’s preparation and recollection before the celebration of the holiest sacrament of our Church — Eucharistic sacrifice”.

Even more so, the vesting prayers, call to mind the particular vows that a priest professes on the day of his ordination and asks God for strength to remain faithful to them.

These prayers are prayed before putting on the various liturgical vestments to celebrate Mass and is a quiet and hidden action that the laity rarely ever see. While the prayers aren’t used by the laity, they can help men and women in the pew understand the great symbolism behind each vestment and why these ancient articles of clothing are used for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.