The Heart of the Problem

Gospel Reflection for Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 — GOSPEL — Mark 7:14-23

“What’s the deal with sin in our age”? That’s one of the questions I ask in my recent book “Deathly Silence.” No. Unlike what the ancient Pharisees taught, sin is not about the external things we do. Our individual righteousness has nothing to do with what we eat, or like we saw in yesterday’s reading, how many times we wash our hands. Our individual holiness is a matter of heart.

Is your heart focused on things from above or are you more concerned with worldly pleasures? Are you more concerned with outward appearances and what people think, than maintaining fidelity to the moral values revealed in God’s word?

Today’s culture is dead set on removing virtually every inference of Christ from the public forum and social discourse. The sad thing is that enough folks claiming to be Christian are supporting this agenda, that all sorts of evil is now okay, by legal fiat.

The Church of our age is more concerned with appearances. For all that matters, they are Christian in name only. Their true allegiance is to politically correct doctrine rather than Jesus Christ. They are the modern-day Pharisees — Christian in name only. They are so stuck in the wisdom of the world that they’re intent on building bridges of acceptance of sin — not simply welcoming sinners as Christians should, but actually teaching that many things are no longer sinful.

So, the problem of "Sin" that I asked about at the beginning, comes down to not having the proper focus or correct spiritual priorities. Becoming a Christian is truly a matter of the heart. Christianity requires a commitment of denying self, worldly norms, and turning from/rejecting sin. My Christian friends, it takes more than calling ourselves Christian to appropriate eternal life, we also, as Jesus told us, need to “Do The Will of The Father.” (Matthew 17:21-23) That, my sisters and brothers is the essence of an “Authentic Faith.