The Leaven of the Pharisees

Gospel Reflection for Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Sometimes I’m amazed at how both our Lectionary of daily readings and the Church Calendar are intimately connected. Our Gospel reading today — the last day on the Church calendar before our liturgical season of Lent, we find Jesus saddened that his followers still don’t seem to get it.

We’re getting ready to enter the desert, so-to-speak, a time of prayer and fasting that is designed to mimic in spirit Jesus’ own time of preparation — 40 days in the desert. Hopefully, you'll utilize a portion of your Lenten journey in devotion to understanding God's will for your life in the spirit.

It's imperative that you "get it." That's what these daily reflections are about. We're linking the teachings of Christ to modern life through a systematic journey, teaching the "Authentic Faith."

The Disciples had witnessed two miracles where Jesus had multiplied fish and bread, feeding 4,000+ one time, and 5,000+ on the other occasion, yet they still didn’t seem to understand. Do you understand?

Jesus is the bread of life. We MUST learn to rely on Him for our spiritual sustenance.

Yes, attending Mass, participating in the life of the Church is essential. However, with that said, we MUST still beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees?