There’s A Price To Pay

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Lenten Gospel Reflection for Thursday, February 18th — Luke 9:22-25

Did you know that the entirety of the New Testament was written to believing Christians? It’s true. The first folks to read and hear these stories were already part of the Church. And, at least from this particular passage they would have understood that the life of a Christian was one of personal challenge, commitment and potentially dangerous.

If you’ve read and comprehend the entire New Testament, in context, you should understand that being a Christian is more than simply saying a “sinner’s prayer.” Neither is it merely a one-time event where you accept Him into your life — on faith. NO. It’s committing to do something RADICAL — something completely foreign to what the world thinks is normal. God expects us to become radically transformed. (Read My eBook Authentic Faith)

Back in 1964, when I was all of seven years-old, I would get up on Sunday mornings, walk to a friends house two blocks away, and I would go to Nutwood Street Baptist Church with a school chum and His family. On one of these morning excursions, after sitting in Sunday School listening to the teacher present that Jesus died for me, I tearfully invited Jesus into my life.

That experience, though heart felt, didn’t seem to have much effect on my life. It certainly didn’t seem to impress my parents who were not Church-going folk. As there was no Christian influence at home, there wasn’t much impact in my early life from this church experience.

In retrospect, as a young person, I’m not so sure I would of had a similar response if today’s gospel was the focus rather than the pablum of “Jesus loves the little children...”