Where Is That In The Bible?

What in the world did Christians do without a Bible for Over 360 Years? I wonder if the Sola Scriptura crowd gives this question much thought?

According to the Protestant Reformers, the Church didn’t get a proper bible until the sixteenth-century when Luther abandoned seven books that had been considered scripture for about nine-hundred years, by the time of the reformation.

Something that is not as well known is that Luther and the other reformers also rejected the complete text of the Hebrew scripture which was used by Jesus, the Apostles and the early church, the “Septuagint” in favor of the newer and edited "Masoretic text.”

Brief History of the Septuagint

After Alexander the Great conquered much of the know world, the Greek language become the common language in the Mediterranean. Over time Jews outside of Jerusalem ceased to understand Hebrew, but only Greek. Soon a Greek translation of the Hebrew bible was commissioned. It was translated by 72 scribes (according to legend) in 72 days called the Septuagint, which means “70” in Latin or LXX for short. The Septuagint was approved by the High Priest and the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem as an accurate translation of the Hebrew Scriptures.

By the time of Christ, the Septuagint was the translation used throughout the Greek-Speaking world. Both Jews in and out of Jerusalem were familiar with it and considered it Holy Scripture. It is evident that Jesus and the Apostles were very familiar with the Septuagint because of the 350 (approx) quotes of the Old Testament contained in the New Testament, 300 are attributed to the Septuagint. The Apostles used the LXX on their missionary journeys. Greek speaking Jews were converting to Christianity because, in part, of what they were presented with messianic references in the Septuagint texts.