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Wisdom Of This Age

For those who are proponents of the “Wisdom of this Age,” their modernist mantra seems to be that if you HATE someone’s sin, you hate the person. The reason for this is that people often get PRIDEfully attached to their pet sins, whatever they may be, and deny the historic TRUTH we’re presented within Scripture. Rather than teaching their followers to FLEE sin, politically correct pastors are teaching that things we’ve traditionally taught as sinful are no longer abhorrent to God.

My friends, we must #BeTheResistance, refuting the lies of spiritual modernism whenever we’re confronted with them. I’ve been on sort of a rant for quite a while now, exhorting Christians to HATE SIN and to flee from immorality of every sort, and seek an “Authentic Faith.”

Yes, indeed, this is HATE SPEECH. However, contrary to politically correct opinions and the wisdom of this age, I hate no one. It is the LOVE of God and His command for me to love my neighbors, that compels me to speak out. It is because I believe that sin puts everyone in mortal peril that the love of God propels me to eschew silence.

Christians believe, and should teach that all sin separates us from our Lord. In that understanding, unrepentant sin has ETERNAL ramifications — separation from God, in a place prepared for Satan and his fellow fallen angels— demons.

Besides denying the modern relevance of sexual immorality, modernist preachers and even bishops, are presenting a new gospel that denies, or minimizes the existence of Hell. One such popular teaching comes from Bishop Robert Barron, and he often repeats that “we have a reasonable hope that hell will be empty.” Another false and sad teaching is being taught by Pope Francis. the Patriarch of Rome has taught that “all religions” (including Pachamama paganism) are from God. In Francis’ mind, this makes preaching an evangelical message to those embracing other faiths to be sinful!

My sisters and brothers, thieves, robbers, and charlatans abound, who are teaching a false gospel. We MUST flee from such teachers, for there is NO SALVATION to be found in their empty words and sacraments. Jesus and the apostles warned us to be wary of folks preaching a different gospel, which is little more than the prideful wisdom of this age. The teachings of the TRUE Gospel of our Lord are indeed foolishness, and even hateful to those who are perishing.

Contrary to biblical teachings, the lies of modernism are designed to tickle the ear and affirm individual belief, proclivities, and pride. The Bible tells us that TRUE BELIEVERS are to abandon the lusts of the flesh and pride of life, not embrace them as normative. We are to seek the One, True God, while He still may be found.

My friends, the world will not prevail over God’s Church. The authoritative teachings of God’s Church have been faithfully handed down throughout the Church Age, by Bishops who Love the Lord, and are called according to His purposes. No, the TRUE church isn’t to be found in one particular jurisdiction, or under a certain bishop. Following the Great Schism, in 1054, the Churches and bishops of the East didn’t cease being Catholic! Through all the ups and downs of church history, God has kept alive a faithful Teaching Magisterium.

In these last days, true believers and followers of authentic teachings, seem to be becoming a remnant. My friends, WE ARE THE CHURCH — those of us who are remaining faithful to God’s ineffable and eternal truth. I exhort you to find a church home, a pastor, teacher, and bishop who is unafraid to speak out against worldly wisdom and maintaining fidelity to the orthodoxy handed down from the primitive church.

Rather than hating anyone, we, the Church, are called to an ethos of LOVE. Our love for our neighbors must be patient, kind, and compassionate. We must also strive to exemplify the TRUTH we’re teaching. Yes, we all fail at times, but what should separate us in the Church from those who don’t yet know the truth, is that we should recognize our own shortcomings, and continually seek forgiveness with a contrite heart. In this mindset, we ourselves are not coming from a place of prideful superiority, which is hypocritical, but from that place of LOVE.

I pray for all who read these words, that you’ll become seekers of the true and authentic gospel of Jesus, the Christ. My sisters and brothers, it is God’s desire that you cease being “lukewarm believers” who simply hear the Word, but that you become “doers of the Word” as well. I pray that the Lord will guide you on a path that seeks to grow in the Love of God, your fellow man, and have a heart for seeking His sanctifying Grace each and every day. Amen.

Remember, if you have any questions you can leave a comment below and I'll do my best to respond.


Thanks for following along. If you're interested in learning what it truly means to have an "Authentic Faith" check out the two books listed at the bottom of this page.

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